Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Colorful Projects

I made these little bags on my Cameo for a family night project. Yeah, there are a lot of us. I have seven children. Although most of them are technically adults, they still squabble and don't always treat each other with kindness. I had each family member write something they liked and admired about each family member and we put them in these little bags. The warm feelings that emerged with this exercise was wonderful! Everyone started to relax and much laughing and joking ensued. The atmosphere turned very warm and accepting. I wish I could get away with doing this every week!

This next photo shows what I've done with the boxes from the cream cheese I used for all the cheesecakes I've been making in the past few weeks. I actually started it a couple of years ago, but was happy to have more boxes because I have many embroidery machine thread spools! I just hot glued boxes together. There are three boxes on the bottom layer, two in the middle and one on the top layer. The boxes under the upright boxes are glued upside down.

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