Monday, June 8, 2015

My Latest Cards

I made these two cards for the card exchange group I'm in. It was our last exchange before summer break. I decided to do a couple of cards that will come in handy for this season.

Isn't this one cute? It's a teacher appreciation card, with a pocket for a gift card. The pattern for this card is available in Silhouette's Design Store. I made my own stamp with Silhouette's stamping material for the "For You" on the tag. I think it turned out great!

All set for Father's Day! This card will surely remind my children of "The Doctor."

The pattern for this card is also in the Silhouette Design Store. It's really perfect for Father's Day. 

I had the shirt fabric paper in my stash. I thought it was pretty perfect! I started out with pockets of the same checkered red paper, only cut on the diagonal, but they didn't show up well enough. The pattern also has tiny buttons that I cut out in black, but they were just too tiny for me to try and glue in those little holes! I think it looks fine with the beige "buttons."


  1. Very cute. I make cards all the time. It's my favorite hobby right now. What is card club?

  2. The card exchange group is just women in our ward who make and exchange cards. We meet monthly during the school year and take turns hosting. The group changes each month. It's been as small as 4 people and as large as 12 or 13. It's so fun to see what each person comes up with!