Saturday, June 13, 2015

New DIY Cycling Jerseys

I like to cycle in the warm weather months. I recently purchased a new road bike, which meant that I needed somewhere to keep my "stuff," namely my phone with GPS; lip balm; epi pen, in case I get stung by a bee; and sometimes snacks. I had a pouch on my mountain bike, but there's no room on my new road bike. So, I clearly needed cycling jerseys.

Cycling jerseys have awesome pockets in back for all the "stuff" you need while you cycle (except water, which is stored on the bike frame). They can be pretty pricey, usually running between $65 and $200. I decided a while back that I could surely make them cheaper. So, I did. My first attempt was a cute, flowery jersey that I made last year. Then I made my husband one that reminded me of a jockey jersey. Bright colors are a good idea, as they aid in visibility on the road.

Yesterday I made two new jerseys for myself so that I could have a spare or two when one was in the wash. They are made with swimsuit fabric, which has a two-way stretch and contain Lycra. You can get two jerseys out of 1 1/2 yard cuts of two coordinating fabrics. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find masculine swimsuit fabric when I made one for my husband! I downloaded, printed and pieced together the pattern from a Canadian company called Jalie, which also sells patterns for swimwear and dancewear. This pattern was one of their discontinued patterns, and also includes a pattern for bike shorts and tights. If I could figure out the Chamois padding, and find the right fabric, I'd make my husband a pair of bike shorts.

Here they are:

This one matches my husband's jersey, which is blue where mine is pink. I think the collar on his is blue as well. 

See the big pockets? They're wonderful!!

This one is hanging kinda wonky on the hanger, but you can get the jist of how it looks.

Again, love those pockets!

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